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Soft, Medium Format Portraits In Nature By: Bobby Lee

Camera: Hasselblad 501CM
Film: Kodak Portra 400

Bobby on his portrait series and what photography means to him:

"These images are part of an ongoing series of portraits in nature. I started out taking mostly landscape and nature pictures as I went out on hikes exploring and watching sunsets during college about 11 years ago. Over the last few years I also started taking more portraits in nature. The common theme in all my pictures is a certain contemplative mood and a relationship with the landscape.

My photography came out of a desire to record what I saw and felt on my walks in nature. It started during a time of a lot of introspection and soul searching, and photography was both a way to remember my thoughts and experiences, and a process that helped drive my exploration of the landscape and the world around me. Being in nature brings me a sense of perspective, grounded-ness, and calm that I could bring back into my daily life with these pictures.”

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Kickstarter Project | Website | Tumblr

Anonymous said: are you single? you're really cute.

Why yes I am

Anonymous said: So adorable do you have an instagram?

No I do not, but I do have a Hipstomatic. Windows phone.. 

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